Sunday, 22 June 2014

have you met miss jones? #1

1. this was the week where i , after a year of night classes from 5 to 10 every friggin monday evening (( and that's adding the 6 hours of school before that )) passed my english A level exam with a B

2. that B was directly followed by my teacher saying that it was the smallest b in the history of english exams - apparently because , in the heat of the moment , i made the mistake of saying "many money" in stead of "much money"

3. i've been studying like crazy for my last ever high school exam . the last one is danish on A level , which is tomorrow - and then i'm finally graduating . . . which is an awesome feeling

4. sometimes , however , that feeling is accompanied by the memory of the people i went to high school with in my actual teen years , are all graduates in college

5. however , that didn't stop me from planning next weeks graduating-palooza - parties , fun with family and friends and gifts will be included .

6. this was also the week where my beloved (( and only 9 months old )) macbook air went bad-shiz-crazy

7. which means , that right now as i am writing this post , a 2 inch vertical blue inverted pixelated line is annoyingly having a party at the left side of my screen .

8. when i took it to an apple genius (( who had bad tattoos and was neither a genius nor very service minded )) he told me that the screen needs to be replaced . that is just awesome (( insert exasperated emoji right here ))

9. last night , danish tv showed the movie "trapped" with charlize theron and kevin bacon (( that name always tickles me , fyi )) . it was made in 2002 when i was 12 . i felt very old . . .

10. . . . which resulted in ice cream binge eating . i ate 6 sun lollies (( with pineapple flavour )) in under 20 minutes .

. . . don't you see it ?
i am bridget jones !

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