Sunday, 29 June 2014

have you met miss jones? #2

1. this was the week where i finally graduated - 5 years later than normal customs here in the dk , but still a big whoop-whoop ! this means , as pictured above , countless of roses and bouquets - actually , more than i actually know what to do with them !

2. graduating also means lots of fun stuff - presents , delicious food , happy times with friends and family and oh yeah , presents ! due to my great GPA , i was "awarded" with a new iPhone and iPad - not too shabby !

3. graduating also means lots and lots of parties . since i don't drink , i only stick to water . however , that doesn't mean that other people don't get a little tipsy - as well they should ! but still , i have set tomorrow aside for washing my clothes - not because it's laundry day , but because i think i can drain a few bottles of beer and champagne out of my clothes , just by squeezing them - yes , the only one who doesn't drink is - apparently - the one who gets spilled on the most !

4. graduating also means that you suddenly stop taking notice of the rest of the world for one week straight ! i have not read a newspaper , watched the news or otherwise engaged in the adult act that is "knowing of the world situations" once this week ! however , i did manage to read a story on Facebook that included pets dressed up as people . . . fascinating !

5. graduating also means looking your best . my mom made a comment that my hair was too shaggy , and since i only cut my own hair , i decided to find the ol' scissors and cut away . it resulted in 3 inch long locks (( which i've been fighting a battle to grow out over the last year ! )) laying on the floor of my bathroom and me close to laying in a fetal position next to them !

6. graduating also means down-time with friends . my best friend Kasper and i have been together a lot this week ! we've taken long walks , eaten delicious dinners and had so much fun . this is the perfect "relationship" for me - fun , food and friendship , but no romantic stuff (( i ain't the commitment type o' gal ! ))

7. graduating also means no time for healthy food - not that i do too much dabbling on that front anyway ! however , i find that when you graduate , you completely stop caring about what you eat . i think i have eaten about 3 pounds of pasta , 5 pizzas , countless cup noodles and of course endless bags of potato chips this week - long live fast food //and// fast deliveries. (( here, "you" = me ))

8. graduating also means happiness and lucky accidents . remember my beloved mac and the blue line on the screen ? well , it went away all by itself ! happy accident - yes ! cause of worrying about water behind the back of the screen - yes ! am i gonna take it to get checked out - no ! do i hope it'll never happen again , and otherwise just pretend that it never happened - definitely !

9. graduating also means getting together with the old gang . i spent all of friday with the trusted gang of friends , and ended up going to bed at 4 . might not seem like a big deal , but i do feel old . . .

10. . . . this is of course due to the fact that i spent all of saturday sleeping , then waking up at 1 - and spontaneously thinking that i'm full of energy , visiting my sister and her 3 year old . safe to say that my niece thinks it's very funny to paint , play , throw balls , dance , jump and in general , just keeping her aunt from 1 second of rest . oh , and i was also decorated in some lovely sticky plastic necklaces ! there are no limitations of what i will do to claim the title of "favourite aunt" - of course, competition is slim pickings since i am her only aunt . . . but still !

. . . don't you see it ?
am bridget jones 

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