Saturday, 21 June 2014

the inconvenient truths of natalie

dear you .
if you have fared this far to the deepest corners of the world wide web , you have probably stayed up all night , doing a random " i'll just check my mail , then i'll sleep " routine in which we all know that sleep will not happen until 40 minutes before the alarm clock rings . 

in any case , i bid you welcome to this dark corner of the interwebz - this is my corner , and here you'll find dust under the carpet , lipstick on the teeth , an mentholated cigaret addiction , a closet full of un-worn clothes , coffee drinking 'round the clock , an unhealthy habit of always serving pasta for dinner . . . and oh so much more .

blogs are usually created to show a person's best sides - whether it's a fashionable and creative sense of style , a politically correct opinion on a hot topic , or a smart way of "life-hacking" yourself to a easier existence . well , i've done it all ! i used to live over at fat&fancy , but after much consideration i've decided to move on and start a new adventure . this time , i won't pretend to be perfect - in stead , i will try to contribute to the " ever lasting quest of someone noticing you " by being . . . well , completely myself ! flaws and everything !
just think of me as a slightly fatter and even more clumsy copy of bridget jones , and i'm sure we'll get on very well . 

this blog is created as an outlet for my life - you'll read about funny stories , embarrassing memories , not-so-flattering habits , the joys and fears i have . . . in all it's simplicity , the inconvenient truths of natalie 

welcome !

ps : i'm natalie

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