Monday, 30 June 2014

the things i do and bad habits

sometimes i pretend to date a certain actor from the HBO tv show True Blood . i don't fancy a boyfriend , but when the mood strikes me , i like to pretend that i didn't make my dinner . . . but rather , that he did !

i am an expert at convincing myself that i desperately need a new bag . i have a thing for handbags , like other ladies have a thing for shows . i like to change it up every couple of months , and every time a new one arrives in the mail , i desperately try to cling to the fact that this bag is the one for me !

i recently started watching Game of Thrones . i'm not the hippest or coolest person , so most times when people say that something is incredible or amazing (( like they did with GOT )) it'll usually take me a year or two before i'll follow . i don't know what i feel about the show . i like the blond girl , she's cool . most of all , however , i like to eat cake whilst i'm watching .

i like plants and fresh flowers . my guilty pleasure is to buy a new plant every time i'm feeling down or if i think i deserve it - which is quite often . last week i bought two new cactuses - they're very pretty and green , however , it took me an hour to figure out where i should put it . . . and that i didn't have enough plant pots .

i have a bad habit of baking a lot . this in it self is quite the accomplishment , since i only have a combo-oven . however , i've gotten the hang of a simple "sand cake" as it is called in danish (( don't worry , it's way more delicious than it sounds )) . the problem is , that even though i bake a pound of cake , it seems to vanish rather fast - like "in-the-course-of-two-days" fast !

a stupid habit i have , is that i at night rinse my face of makeup , put on moisturiser and then eat a bag of chips . i eat like a demented old circus monkey , so of course i have to re-refresh my face . it's quite the expensive moisturiser fee !

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